5 key questions blogger would ask

Start blogging is not an easy task. Moreover, many young bloggers throw in the towel after a few months … only. Why?
Keeping a blog is a great adventure. You make meetings (real and virtual), you make friends (and enemies), you give your opinion on what you want (or not), in short, you become blogger over time.
Maybe you wanted to be like everyone else, you have opened a blog “to see”, and you did not ask about the 5 key questions blogger would ask


1. What sets me apart from others?

If it is to be like everyone else you open a blog, I arrest you immediately. It must be a pure place, where each item is to be expected as the messiah!
I know this is hard to accomplish. I myself do not. But it is working as we get satisfaction.

2. My SEO can it be better?

With the latest update of the Google algorithm (Panda and penguin), some have taken the sacred blows on the head! Jakuri escaped it. But that does not mean I’m safe so far.
SEO remains a secret to all. While some will prove the contrary, we must know that there are charlatans everywhere. I invite you to read the article 15 reasons not to trust an SEO agency to understand a little better.

3. Is my writing style can be improved?

I dare not open the first items Around the Web … I’m too afraid of the massacre! Even though my writing style is not perfect today, it is far from my debut in 2009.
To improve, I do not see anything apart from the daily practice of writing and reading.
As endurance, your writing style improves with training.

4. My blog is secure and backed up?

These two things are too often forgotten: security and backup.
Regarding the first, it is best to choose a strong password. Extensions like “Login LockDown” or “Secure WordPress” may come to reinforce the security of your blog.

For the second, I suggest you choose an extension that runs an automatic backup (daily, weekly, monthly, etc..). I have a slight preference for “WordPress Database Backup”.

5. Do I monetize my blog?

Money. This is a topic that few bloggers reveal on their own blog. If I do not speak on my own, it is simply because I have colleagues who read Around the Web.
However, I now know that it is possible to earn money with a blog. That is why I say “yes” without hesitation to the last question. I also often encourage my family and friends to get into blogging!

6. (BONUS) How long should I wait before the success of my blog?

The success of a blog depends on the topic you are addressing. We tend to say that the High Tech, personal development or finance sectors are clogged. But I’m sure there’s room for everybody … Just do it right. But most of all, be patient! Yes, patience is definitely the best weapon of a blogger.

I think one year is a good average for a blog off.

As the Chinese proverb says: “Patience! Over time, the grass becomes milk. ”

What are the key questions that you posed as a blogger?

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