5 key questions to ask before opening a blog

blogMany people around me now know who I am. It does not displease me, quite the contrary. I am proud of what I could accomplish in five years of blogging, and now I’m gone over “advice”. Also, if the mood takes you, I invite you to ask yourself these five critical questions before opening a blog

1. What do you do that you are passionate about?
If you want to blog about something that you do not take to heart, I arrest you immediately. Your blog will close within weeks or months later. Choose your area carefully. Blog about what you like is the best way to take your blog to the top.

2. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
Each blogger has a purpose in his way of writing. Inform, learn, share, whatever, you define a specific purpose. Your will be better.

3. What are your areas of expertise?
Perhaps you are a specialist in a field. In such cases, please share your experience. Others certainly start and are looking for information. Give them what they ask and you will become their idol!

4. What talent do you hide?
And if you hide deep inside your immense talent, do not you think we should exploit this breach?

5. Are you done writing?
Write, write, write, and always, that the daily life of a blogger.
If this does not interest you, do not start. There are countless number of blogs that close a few months (weeks?) After opening …

Remember that whatever the theme of your blog, you should contact your readers. I say and I repeat it often : you must give before receiving. What questions were you asked before the opening of your blog? Want to add a point to this article?

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