5 misconceptions of apprentice blogger

Many bloggers have landed in recent years. However, most of them came with a slightly distorted reality. They were likely to fall into the trap of “easy blogging.” Blame it on a lot of quacks who hang and make you swallow everything and anything (I gained $ 500 000 with my blog … It reminds you of someone?). In short, I think it’s time to blow up the point on the table and put ideas up! Here are five misconceptions of apprentice blogger


Misconception # 1: Blogging can make easy money!

This is probably one of the most common false ideas, and not just on blogs. The easy (and clean) money does not exist. I opened a blog since 2009 and I finally had stable income. I worked for at least 3 years without necessarily feel much at the end of the month.

Misconception # 2: Blogging, it takes a few minutes!

With a small family and a job at hand, it is very hard to keep up. Have nerves of steel is one of the conditions for signing the “contract blogger!” Personally, I spend about two hours a day to prepare, plan and format my articles.
Note that this does not prevent me from spending time with my family since I took this time on my sleep.

Misconception # 3: Blogging, it brings many visitors in a few days!

Ok, who has found the magic potion to have a regular and abundant daily public in the early days, I pay him a drink! Start a blog takes time and energy. Optimization with search engines is a job every day. Personally, I think a year is a good average to attract a steady number of visitors.

Misconception # 4: Blogging, just some ideas!

Are you ever came across a blog that offers regular and interesting content but, overnight, no longer gives new? It’s infuriating, hien? I think these bloggers want to be like everyone else (ie open a blog), and it dries in a few weeks. More juice … More idea to create and develop products!

Misconception # 5: Blog, there is no skill to have!

Think again. If there is a skill to have is writing. Sounds can be easy to write every day, but it is not that obvious. Producing quality content is not given to everyone. There is a work of preparation and research beforehand.

Blogging are you ready?

You can realize that blogging is not an easy task. Do not throw the water without knowing how to swim! Learn by reading some professional bloggers who hang on the Web. Analyze their content. Think about the way they act. Once ready, go for it. But never, oh never, will follow the training of all crooks web.

Do you see another misconception of an apprentice blogger?

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