5 online password managers

Secure your passwords easily while having them handy wherever you are. Log into any website automatically, so save your personal data, banking information and other sensitive data and automatically fill out forms on the Web. It makes you dream? Some did. The proof with these five managers passwords online


1 . LastPass

Probably the password manager the most famous in the world! LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure. Personally, this is the one I use everyday and for years. No fault, you can store hundreds of passwords , forms and other data in your safe . The one password to remember is that access to LastPass .
2 . Passpack

Passpack was created specifically to share your passwords safely with your family, clients, or friends. With this tool, you can share passwords with one person or a group. Passpack also stores your passwords to avoid having to remember . In the free version , it can store 100 passwords.
3 . Clipperz

Clipperz is another manager passwords. It is able to safely store passwords licenses, software, notes, credit card numbers or other information . Clipperz can export a copy of your content on a USB device or hard drive .
4 . Dashlane

Dashlane is a manager of passwords and free digital wallet for your iPhone , iPad, and computers. It allows you to generate , maintain and protect your passwords in a simple . For options , it offers encryption of passwords AES-256 , sharing safely your passwords , automatically login to your favorite websites etc. .
5. KeePass

How about password manager KeePass without speaking ? Although this is not a solution online , I had to talk about . You would have wanted me otherwise ! KeePass can generate random complex password without having to remember it. Its design is simple enough, but do not be fooled . KeePass allows you to create different databases passwords using secure algorithms : AES and Twofish . This open source application allows you to be reassured about the safety of your password .
And you, what manager passwords do you use?

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