5 online services to convert text to audio

With today’s technology, it is increasingly easy to take text files anywhere. The main first: convert text to audio. If you can do it yourself with a microphone and an audio recording software, be aware that there are also sites suitable for this kind of maneuver. Here are 5 online services to convert text to audioconvertir-texte-audio

1. iSpeech

Just paste your text and iSpeech converts audio file with a single click. You must Register before using this site. A free user can convert text but the maximum duration of the audio will not exceed 1 minute. iSpeech also provides a widget that allows you to integrate it into a Web page. Its application is also available on iOS, Android and Blackberry.ispeech

2. SpokenText

SpokenText is an online service that converts text to audio. It supports PDF, Word, Text, PowerPoint, and web pages. Once the work is completed, you can download your audio book in mp3 and mp4. SpokenText supports English, French, Spanish and German. It also offers Firefox and Chrome extensions.spokentext

3. ImTranslator

ImTranslator is a set of tools based on the Web: Online translator, spell checker, multilingual dictionary, virtual keyboard, etc. ImTranslator can speak French, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian. Simply type a word or a proposal, or copy and paste your text, and the site for you to say.ImTranslator

4. Odiogo

Odiogo converts textual content in downloadable audio format directly, iPod / MP3 players and mobile phones. Odiogo offers quality text and is compatible with all engines blog that publish RSS feeds as Typepad, Blogger, WordPress and Overblog.odiogo

5. ReadtheWords

The site allows ReadTheWords to read online plain text, from digital files, web pages or even an RSS feed. Users choose an avatar, a voice, sets the speed of reading text and creates a quality recording in mp3 format. It supports English, Spanish and French and you can convert any type of document. You can also add pictures and music to your audio to create videos. For bloggers and webmasters, ReadTheWords offers the service to convert RSS feeds into podcasts (iTunes compatible).readthewords

Do you use an online service to convert text to audio?

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