5 online services to create a free morphing

The morphing is usually used to transform a face into another. In general, the technique is to select points on the first image (eg, eyes, nose, and mouth), and select the corresponding points on the second image. Here, no brainer. You send your photo and the website offers you a result. Here are 5 online services to create a free morphingmorphing

1. MakeMeZombie

With the fashion of The Walking Dead , it’s time for zombies! And nothing better than a super simple site to turn you into undead. MakeMeZombie proposes to send a photo and automatically generate your bloody face . The result is very good. Here for my old face :makemezombie

2 . In20Years

As the site title tells you, this is to provide you with a picture of you … 20 years! Watch out , it may sting for some! Select your gender , length you want ( it can go up to 30 years) and if you do drugs . Try putting 30 years and drugged . The result is scary. Promised , I did not touch her drugs !in20years

3 . PhotoFaceFun

Recently featured on Jakuri, PhotoFaceFun to create a photo montage with ease. This free website offers manipulate a photo of you or your friends in seconds . 250 installation possibilities !photofacefun

4 . Morphthing

Morphthing to create a fusion of your own photos with your favorite stars. The site has a list of popular personalities (Obama , Beyonce, Gollum , Brad Pitt, etc. . ) . You can select one of these images and transform them with your own photo. Once you have uploaded your image, simply press the button morphing . The assembly can be downloaded and shared with friends .morphthing

5 . Cartoon.Pho.to

This free online service allows you to send a photo from your computer , link or Facebook . Thereafter, the site offers a cartoon effect in your photo. You can add some morphing animated like a smile , a wink , or others. The result backup or sharing on social networks .cartoon-photo

Do you know of other sites morphing ?

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