5 online services for designers and Web developers

web developersBe a designer or web developer is not easy. Meet customer requirements, create custom sites, it is necessary to anticipate and innovate. Analysis, creativity and rigor are often the key words. History to simplify certain tasks, I dug up five online services for web designers and developers. Let’s take a look on 5 online services for designers and Web developers:

1. Codeanywhere
Online editor that works from a simple browser. It supports various formats like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and XML.
Codeanywhere is comprehensive in that it even offers an iPhone, iPad or Android.

2. Typetester
Typetester is a great online tool that can quickly and easily compare multiple fonts. The application compares simultaneously up to 3 different fonts, also leaving room for a few more options (color, space, etc..).

3. Kuler
Kuler lets you generate color themes that can be used for any creative project. You can create, explore, download and save color themes. An application for Android is also available.

4. Pixlr
As a Web designer or developer, your best friend is probably “Photoshop”. Yet there are many online solutions that allow you to have equivalent tools without paying a dime! This is particularly the case with Pixlr, a tool often cited in lines around the web.

5. CSSDesk
CSSDesk is an editor of HTML and CSS. It allows you to test your code before sending them on your site. Two windows are available with HTML and CSS at the top to bottom. Before you preview your work.

Do you use an online service as a designer or web developer? These online tools will be useful and easy to use.

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