5 online services offering 1 terabyte of free space

To save your documents (music, videos, photos …), nothing better than sending in the cloud (or cloud). For me, it’s like this I proceed. I juggle between various services like Dropbox, Flickr, or Google Joomeo Drive. They all options that have their strength over time offer. If you want to save the heavy, so take a look at these five online services offering 1 terabyte of space for free


1 . Flickr

One of the pioneers in offering 1 terabyte free . With the arrival of Marissa Mayer at the helm of Yahoo!, the former employee of Google is trying to improve the image of Flickr. Specializing in photo, Flickr also allows you to send videos up to 1GB Personally, I hastened out of my old account to take advantage of this offer. Now all my photos are stored on this site!

2 . SoShare

Discovered on the site Freewares & Tutorials , SoShare is an online tool created by BitTorrent for sharing free large files up to 1TB Note that the files are stored on the server SoShare than 30 days then they are deleted.

3 . Syncbox

Syncbox turns your computer into a hosting service for your data to be accessed from any Internet connection. You can store all kinds of data without limits. Applications for iOS , Android , Mac , Ubuntu and Windows are available.

4 . Yahoo! Mail

To celebrate its 16 years , Yahoo! Mail gets a makeover and offers 1 TB free . This free email service on the Internet scans your email to provide you with a truly personalized experience on features , content , advertising and spam detection and malware.

5. Spotbros

Spotbros is an application that allows you to discover and share all types of content through public newsgroups or with friends through private chats . Spotbros offers any user to upload videos , photos and music instantly regardless of the file size. This application allows you to securely communicate with other users of the software.

Do you know an online service similar with 1 terabyte free?

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