5 online services to quickly compress images (without loss of quality)

If you are running a website or a blog, then you know how important images. The loading time of a page depends on the weight of an image. Plus it is heavier, the load will be long … logic! But the Internet offers as always very good tools to get by you. Today, there are 5 online services to quickly compress images (without loss of quality) that I present to you …compresser-images


TinyPNG uses compression techniques with intelligent losses to reduce the size of your PNG files. By reducing selectively the number of colors in the image , fewer bytes are needed to store data. The effect is almost invisible, but it makes a huge difference in weight ! My test: 283 kB 86 kB becomes .tinypng

CompressJPEG / CompressPNG

You ‘ll understand and CompressJPEG CompressPNG are two identical sites. The only difference is that one deals with PNG and JPEG another . Each allows you to process a queue of up to 20 files at once . They can be dropped or selected directly . My test: 283 kB turns 90 kb .compresspng


Smush.it is an online service offered by the famous Yahoo! . It is a simple tool in which you can send JPG , PNG and GIF . Smush.it to send a lot of pictures or indicate an image URL. My test: 283 kB 262 kB becomes .smush


PunyPNG is an easy to use web service. A big green button allows you to send up to 20 images in JPG, GIF or PNG. The limit is 500 KB. My test: 102 kB 82 kB becomes. punypng

Web Resizer

Web Resizer is primarily a tool to resize your images. In these cases, you will lose weight easily. Web Resizer offers, in addition to optimizing the weight of your image, rotate, add color, add a stroke, etc.. web-resizer

Do you use an online service to compress images?

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