5 online services to quickly create a website page

To put a product or other forward, nothing better than to have your own web page. If I had to have some minimum knowledge required there a few years ago, today it is no longer the case. Even my grandmother could make her own website! If you are looking for turnkey solutions, here are five online services to quickly create a Web page


1. Striking.ly

Striking.ly really impressed me with its simplicity. Once logged in, you can select one of the six themes “responsive” and customization begins. Everything is customizable, such as the background, text, photos, videos, etc..
2. Smore

Smore is a free online service that simplifies the development of a product line. It is quick and easy because everything happens by simply dragging and dropping. The themes are elegant and customizable. Smore is also compatible with smartphones and tablets.
3. populr

On populr, you can quickly create a web page with pictures, text and sending documents. Populr offers a selection of templates that you can modify or you can build your page from scratch. All editing is done by drag-and-drop interface.
4. Page O Rama

Ok, the editor page will scare more than one! However, Page O Rama did the job we asked him to create a simple page without headaches. The creation of a Web page is very simple. Just visit the home page, select a Web address, the title of your page, and start writing. Page O Rama offers a good selection of editing tools.
5. Pagefin

Pagefin is a free online service rather archaic! To create a web page, just click on “Create And Share” to enter the captcha and start designing your page. It’s simple, free and requires no registration.
And you, what website do you use to quickly create a web page?

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