5 reasons to abandon Facebook for Google+

The new social network Google+ attracts many lusts. All users are satisfied and I am also captivated by this new project. Despite some major failures (Wave, Buzz, Orkut or other) Google has bounced back and learn from mistakes. Many compare it to Facebook, however, if you look closer, Google+ has something to seduce many. The proof with these 5 reasons to abandon Facebook for Google+google-plus

So yes, I know, I said that Google+ was a crappy name! Imagine that I stay on this review. The name is crap but the service that Google offers is a real gem, here’s why:

1. Pictures

You can post pictures or links in choosing the contacts can see them. This is possible due to the characteristic of “Circles.” Facebook also offers options to restrict shared photos, but it is not as simple and intuitive as Google+.

2. Videoconferencing

Facebook does not have integrated video chat service like Google+. Google’s service allows, after a simple click on “Start a hangout” to create a videoconference. Once launched, you will have access to the calendar to schedule events.

3. YouTube videos

You can watch a YouTube video with your friends and chat in real time. Anyone in the group has access to playback controls, pause, or seek a new video. On Facebook, you can just post YouTube videos and comment.

4. The “Sparks”

“Sparks” is a new tool integrated with Google+. It simply allows you to keep an eye on the terms you define. You can easily keep a watch anything with this tool. Once all the keywords entered, you will have access to numerous articles, blogs and other web content.

5. Discretion

You can upload photos without being public. You can upload photos to the cloud and share them whenever you want. This is especially useful for images taken from mobile devices. If you take a photo and something you do not want to disclose, the images are stored on Google+, but not accessible to your contacts.

6. (Bonus) The termination

Have you ever tried to terminate your Facebook account? I challenge you to find this option in less than 5 minutes! Google+, meanwhile, is totally transparent. The indications are sufficiently clear and allow you to easily remove a Google+ account.

Have you abandon Facebook for Google+? What do you think of this new social network?

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