5 resources to create a free website

Small businesses, artists or some bloggers can sometimes not spend time creating a website. That is why, while browsing where you need it, you can find support for the creation of site. Ease, simplicity and speed are the hallmarks of this kind of resources. You will see that in just 5 minutes, you will create a functional website. Here are 5 resources to create a free website


1. Weebly

Edited by “drag & drop”, 100 professional themes, fast and effective assistance, galleries and slideshows, video and audio players, detailed traffic statistics, etc..

2. Edicy

Clean and simple, but rich in features. Merchant or personal website. Free or 6 € per month.

3. Wix

Simplifies the creation of Flash web site and high quality content. Wix offers a drag and drop editor.

4. uCoz

uCoz offers quick creation of your website with interesting options such as: integration with popular web services, modules, widgets or site templates.

5. Moonfruit

Moonfruit is a publisher that provides and integrates hundreds of designs that you can customize. The control panel is robust with tools to edit and add graphics, images, content and widgets.

Do you know any similar sites? What resources do you use to create a free website? Please advise.

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