5 signs that show that your blog is adrift

Starting a blog is not very complicated. Continue is a little less! If you feel that your blog is going in the wrong direction, then it is high time to redress the balance. First thing to do: find the loopholes. This is what I propose to do with these five signs that show that your blog is adrift


1. Blogging does not make you happy!

Blogging is a fun activity. You make virtual friends, you use social networks to be the first person aware of the latest news, you learn many things quickly … well, it’s fun! However, if you force yourself to write articles for your readers, you can already start to drop the case. It should be blogging with passion.

2. Nobody believes in you!

You spend time on your blog. You get up early every morning to write the most beautiful section of the blogging world has ever known, and yet … there is nothing, no one believes in you! Ask yourself questions. Return the way you work involved. There always has something blocking. Simply to put my finger on it.

3. Your traffic is close to zero!

Blog rhymes with traffic (or almost). In fact, you write articles primarily to be read. If no password on your blog, then you must see your optimization. Ask around, why not for bloggers, how to stand out. How to get some traffic. You can also take a look at my tips and tricks to discover full of goodies section!

4. No personality!

Take inspiration from others, it is creating its own content … it’s better! Blogging is often “flat.” A news is announced and is included on most blogs. Try out either by creating a unique content, a different content of others. Take different views. I know it’s hard …

5. The money is your primary motivation!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money with a blog. Quite the contrary. However, if you blog just for the money, you say that your platform will not take long. As I already said in the first point, it should blogging with passion.

In your opinion, what proves that blog is adrift?

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