5 signs which show that starting a blog is like becoming a parent

I am a mom with one daughter. A girl who has been one year-old. Since 2013, a new life began with the birth of my daughter. I became responsible (I think) and very proud to be a “mama”. It was in 2008 that made debut adventure Jakuri. After 5 years of blogging, I realize that there are a lot of similar points to be a mom and blogger! Proof, here are 5 signs which show that starting a blog is like becoming a parentnavigateurs-enfants-securite

Sign 1: You learn much more by doing than by reading

Being a parent is to prepare for the baby’s arrival. How to be a better mom and Dad in the world. How to have a pregnancy without complications. In short, you can find tons of books on the subject. However, I am sure, like me, you’ve forgotten 90% of what you read! In my opinion, the best way to be a good parent is especially convenient.

Being blogger, it is also the practice that makes you a good blogger. Many blogs talk about tips and tricks in blogging (Around the web part) but they do not replace you behind your screen. Practice, practice and practice to one day see the success knocking at your door.

Sign 2: Do you remember all the highlights

Being a parent is to teach your child to walk, talk, eat, ride a bike. All these moments are etched in your memory. The first smile your child gives you is a moment of pure joy!

Being blogger, it is also-remember the highlights. Your first comment, your first dollars earned by the sweat of your brow, your first hearings, etc.. A blog is a place filled with emotion!

Sign 3: review contradict

What is best for your child? Cloth diapers or disposable diapers? Jars or personal preparations? Etc.. You see where I’m coming from, there are many conflicting advice.

Being blogger, is also being confronted with different solutions. Looking for the best for your blog? I have no idea! It is best to test to see what works.

Sign 4: it is hard and exhausting

Being a parent is not to count the hours of sleep. Put your life aside to take care to the best of your offspring.

Being blogger, is also preparing to face some hard situations. Drop traffic, loss of money, being banned, one must be prepared. Similarly, if you want to last in this “business” better to forget your fat mate ‘!

Sign 5: Each day brings new adventures

Being a parent is first and foremost happiness. Watch your child grow has no price! Every day is filled with joy, sadness, laughter, anger, love … Every day is a new day.

Being blogger, is also having new adventures every day. Create new articles, get new customers receive an email of thanks, be invited to a famous lecture …

In your opinion, can we make a connection between parent and blogger?

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