5 sites to create a playlist for free on Internet

Listen to music on the Internet is a real treat. You run a site in your browser and press play. No more illegal downloading or CD burning. Today, up to Playlist free. And to make your life easier, I decided today to offer you 5 sites to create a free playlist on the Internettelecharger-musique-gratuite-legale

1. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is the tool that I use every day to listen to my music. The catalog is huge and it lets you listen to free music. Thereafter, you can share them on social networks or embed your playlist in a blog. The site interface is nice although it takes a few minutes to get used to.

2. Spotify

Nothing easier than to compose your personal collection system through playlists. If you find a playlist you like, you can also add it to your collection. In no time, you will have all your music at your fingertips, each time according to your desires. Select the songs you like or leave Spotify choose for you.

3. Mixtaping

Here is another free tool to create a playlist on the Internet. Mixtaping allows you to create, share and discover music. Only flaw, it is designed as an audio cassette: 30 minutes listening by side … So 60 minutes!

4. 8tracks

8tracks is an online minimalist. It offers search playlists (among the 750,000 available from the site) with keywords. You can also send your own music and a pocket to feed your playlist. Thereafter, sharing links and integration are proposed.

5. Deezer

How to Talk playlist for free on Internet without mentioning Deezer? Our little Frenchy is doing handily with a full deck and a magic database: a catalog of 20 million tracks, from all genres. Its success was immediate and it is now present in 88 countries! Create a playlist on Deezer is a breeze.

Which site do you use to create a playlist on the Internet?

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