5 sites to listen to music legally and for free on Internet

Internet is the fastest way to listen to music there. A simple search and you get thousands of results. But today, instead of making up large signs (Spotify, Grooveshark, Deezer, or others) I decided to make room for lesser-known sites. A independent artists looking to stand out on the Internet and that propels their music on specific sites. Here are 5 sites to listen to music legally and free Internetmusique-gratuite-streaming

1 . NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade was born in 2006 . This site has become over the years a platform designed to help artists around the world to build their fanbase . NoiseTrade offers albums with songs of all kinds, accessible via the “Music” menu. For each album, you will find song titles (which you can listen to streaming on the site), a short biography of the artist, the video presentation, their Facebook page , albums and music related , etc. . NoiseTrade is complete as we would like to see more often .noisetrade

2 . Free Music Archive

Regularly featured in the boxes around the web , Free Music Archive is a reference in terms of free and legal music on the Internet. Free Music Archive ( FMA or ) is a library providing legally download over 45,000 digital files of good quality mp3 format. Inspired by free licenses such as Creative Commons and the Free Software movement and Open Source , Free Music Archive provides a legal framework for sharing music . This site is ideal to discover new talents!free-music-archive

3 . Amazon

Amazon , the famous online shopping website offers also a rich section with titles in free listening . This music can be legally downloaded from Amazon . More than 46,000 titles are available . They are classified by category and popularity .amazon-musique

4. Insound

Insound is a site that was created in 1999 ! This platform selling music online is specialized in indie rock . While most titles are paying , you also have a section of free music and free download .insound

5. Epitonic

Launched 8 March 1999 , the site was one of the first sites devoted to the discovery of new independent artists . Although Epitonic remained inactive from 2004 to 2010, it offers a full range of artists of all kinds. You can find music by categories or use the search bar . Thereafter , downloading is legal.epitonic

What legal site and free you use to listen to music on the Internet?

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