5 sites to send files (unlimited size)

When it comes to sending large files, email is often just too many! A few extra pounds and then disappointment at the time of shipment. The famous Gmail error: “This file exceeds the 25MB limit for attachments. Sorry. ”

Do not panic, you know Aunt Jakuri always in her secret weapon sites that help your life. Today, there are 5 sites to send files (unlimited size)envoi-gros-fichiers

1. FileTea

Excellent service to share large files or unlimited. Simply click the “Add files” button, select your file and you share the link. A second window shows the transfers.

2. File Ai

No software to install. No size limit or file. Transfers as BitTorrent. Fast, easy and secure. 100% free! What more?

3. PipeBytes

PipeBytes also offers sending file browser browser with no size limits. Music, movies, you can transfer all!

4. FilesOverMiles

Sharing tool that allows you to send files directly online safely and fast. No registration required and no installation is necessary since everything is online.

5. JetBytes

JetBytes is the same as her previous boyfriends: file selection, link and transfer. Everything happens very quickly.

And you, what site do you use to send BIG files?

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