5 sites to listen relaxing music and calming

You are young and dynamic and you like to bite your teeth life. Your daily life: live in the fast lane! However, a break in time is well deserved. In these cases, you like doing nothing: plug in the headphones and let you go on a relaxing and soothing music.

No worries. I decree that day “rest day”! And to help you in this day doing nothing, here are 5 sites …musique-gratuite-streaming(2)


This is a site that appreciates its simplicity. If you have decided to do nothing today, Chilltunes is your best companion for the day! Simply go to the site, click on “Play”, and relax. This free site provides a soothing automatic playlist. You are a click relaxation!chilltunes


Often featured on Around the Web, Stereomood is one of the best relaxation sites. The purpose of this website is to allow you to listen to music according to your mood. You enter a textbox how you feel and immediately provides Stereomood playlist! To test urgently if you do not know the principle.stereomood

Relaxing Beats

The mission of this site is simple: offer a full selection of instrumental music that you can concentrate to study, work, or just spend some time doing nothing. Relaxed, away from the daily stress of life, then you can let yourself go to the rhythm of the beats! Relaxing Beats same exchange wallpaper every 5 seconds. Sublime images that allow you to relax more.relaxingbeats(2)

Jazz And Rain

What could be more soothing than hearing the rain fall? If in addition you add a jazz background, then you are in the clouds! You understood by reading the title of the site, Jazz And Rain is a mix of jazz and rain. You can adjust the sound of rain or listening to various sounds. As Relaxing Beats, this site offers an automatic change of wallpaper for a better relaxation comfort.jazzandrain

Relaxing Snow

Close this soothing music sites list with Relaxing Snow. It is one that demands the least efforts since you simply go to the site, listening to the sound of the piano and watch the snow fall. You have nothing else to do! Only flaw: you have access to any button to change the music.RELAXING-SNOW

I will not hide that after writing this article to 22h I had only one desire: to go to bed because I was so relaxed!

Do you use a website to listen to relaxing, soothing music?

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