5 sites to ‘zombify’ yourself (like The Walking Dead)

With the approach of Halloween parties, you are likely to get a disguise. As every year, the zombie will be popular. And if you’re too lazy to go and buy or rent a costume, perhaps it would be wise to create a small photo montage. I propose today to discover five sites to turn you into a zombie (like The Walking Dead) …


1 . Dead Yourself

Launched by AMC , the channel produced the series The Walking Dead , Dead Yourself is a free iPhone and Android . You take or import a photo and you edit it using small realistic options : eyes, mouths, accessories The Walking Dead , etc. . Thereafter, you can share your work on Facebook , Twitter, and website photos gallery.
2 . ZombieMe

ZombieMe generator is a zombie. After you submit your photo on their server, you go to edit by adding effects . The site offers 18 effects that can be applied one after the other . ZombieMe also provides options such as cut, copy, paste, etc. .
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3 . Make Me Zombie

Make Me Zombie is a free online service . It allows a few clicks and without any technical knowledge , turning your photo into a zombie ! The site is the simplest of the selection since everything is automatic. The result is downright interesting and can be shared on Twitter or Facebook.
4. Zombietar

Zombietar is a small free online service that lets you create a zombie avatar! Using presets fun, you customize your avatar A to Z: mouth, nose, eyes, accessories, etc.. Then you save or share your creation.
5. Photofunia

Photofunia is a famous site in the photo montage. It offers more than 360 simple edits. After submitting your photo (from your computer, a webcam, or social networks), you select a timeline. You click on “Go” and it’s all automatic! Thereafter, you can save and share your photo.
What sites do you use to turn you into a zombie? See also 10 horror games on iPad

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