5 surprising ways to simplify writing a blog

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More and more bloggers are trying to hold their own game Blogging has become a fashion, just being equipped with an iPhone (ouch, I’m going to type here icon smile 5 surprising ways to simplify the writing a blog post). The problem is to write, write, and write again.
Writing is one of the first things we are taught child. But it is complicated life over time. History put everything in order, here are 5 ways surprising to simplify writing a blog …


1. Take pleasure in writing!

Writing should really be fun. Do not force yourself to do if you do not feel the courage. Instead, go take a deep breath, stretch, and put it to work. One slogan take pleasure in what you do. If a subject does not interest you, move on. By forcing yourself, you write shit and your readers feel.

2. Write like you talk!

I’ve never taken the lead out incomprehensible words. I’m not the kind of guy to take my head, and I admit that so far it has not brought me harm.
One day, someone pointed out to me in the comments that we should not use the word “it” but rather “it.” Us who still use the word in everyday life?

3. One idea per article!

Do not discuss 50 topics in the same article. You lose and your readers with. No, instead, take the time to highlight the idea of ​​the article you wish to address.
One idea per article is the best way to achieve simplicity and readability of your blog. Not to mention that keeping your many ideas you can use later for future articles.

4. Edit at the end!

Stay cloister to your keyboard and get as challenge to finish the article before you fix it. Do not worry about spelling mistakes this time, you will come back later. The time your article is a little rest (and also the same!) And you can edit it.

5. Do some research before … or after!

I realized one thing: research takes time. In fact, if you do some searches for writing an article, you will soon drift to your goal! Internet is too large to stop only a single search. As I’m sure you also derive and butinez from blog to blog!
Do some research before or after writing your article will simplify once again writing a ticket.

6. (BONUS) No Brain, No Fear!

No brain, no fear! That’s a phrase I repeat all day long. Though it may seem strange to you, it comes into its own at the time of writing, I put my brain aside … And I write! It’s stupid? Yes, I know, but it is so much easier!
Note about this bonus: the worst is that I also think the same when I’m on my bike or my katoche. Proof with my bag made ​​to measure!

How did you set up to simplify writing an article?

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