5 tips to avoid getting hacked on Facebook account

If you are here is that you’re concerned about the security of your Facebook account! Indeed, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is the daily target of numerous attacks. Although they are not violent either, they allow a few times to get on Facebook account hacked! If you want to be immune to this kind of problem, I invite you to discover five tips to avoid getting hack a Facebook account


1. Use a secure password

The password is the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your Facebook account. To avoid making the hacked, it is strongly recommended that you use a secure password. Change your password regularly, every month, if possible. Be sure to use with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. You should also make sure that your password is used only for Facebook!

2. Check your privacy settings

When was the last time you checked your privacy settings on Facebook? Did you know, for example, information about you can be in full view of everyone? Instead, set the visibility options, content, contact, how to go out in the Facebook search engine, etc..

3 . Stop using your Facebook account to log in to websites

Most websites offer the now famous “Login with your Facebook account .” The problem is that by doing so give you the opportunity to hack a Facebook account. Instead of that, and if it’s just to test an online service , you create a disposable email . With this method, you run no risk !

4 . Delete connected to your Facebook account applications

On Facebook, your name, your profile picture , your cover picture , gender , networks , your user name and your username (account number ) are public information, applications can also be obtained . Applications also have access to your friends list and information you post with the “Public” setting.
In connection with item 3 , take a few minutes to sort through your Facebook account connected to your applications!

5. Log out of Facebook after use

Your Internet browser has a bad habit of remembering your password. If this can make you generally save time, it can also make binding by certain times. Make it a habit to log out of your Facebook account when leaving the computer.

Of course, these 5 tips will not intimidate the best hacked in the world! They are just little common sense advice that is always good to remember. Feel free to review as well as some additional tips in the comments below to avoid getting hack a Facebook account.


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