5 tips to avoid getting hacked on Gmail account.

Gmail is one of the most used email services in the world. Created by Google, it offers powerful tools for managing your messages. Yet, like any mailbox, it happens to be forced! If you want to protect yourself from hackers, here are 5 tips to avoid getting a Gmail account hack ...


1. Create a strong password

Passwords are the first line of defense against hackers. Use a long password. More a password is, the more difficult it is to guess. Use a password that combines letters, numbers and symbols.

2. Update recovery options a Gmail account

Recovery options can help you protect your account against hacking attempts. If you forget your password, they also allow you to access your account. You can set up a phone number and one email address. To do this, go to this address and change your “Recovery Options”.

3. Check suspicious account activity

Google offers a checkpoint of your recent activity. You can view all actions relating to the security of your account: Connect to your Google, change account password, add a secondary email address, add a phone number …

4. Enable two-step verification

Most users are satisfied with a password to protect your account. The two-step verification enhances the security of it, because you must enter a password and the code received on your phone. If an attacker manages to obtain or guess your password, it will also require your phone to access your account. To implement this system, go to the settings to the line “Enable two-step.”

5. Check the list of allowed websites to access your Gmail account

Make sure that only the websites that you have selected are allowed to access your account details and they are correct. Go into the settings and in the “Applications and sites connected.” From there, select the applications and Web sites that can access data from your Google Account and use.

What did you put in place to avoid getting hacked Gmail account?

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