5 tips to make Google Drive your best friend

Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the finest online services ever created. For me, this is the tool I use most. I knew evolution with the old name (Google Docs), and since April 2012, the big update to “Google Drive”. Avid user, I like to discover tips on how to improve service. Besides, I now offers 5 tips to make Google Drive your best friend


1. Abuse of keyboard shortcuts!

Most of the time, you can not use keyboard shortcuts in a web page. They are intercepted by the browser itself. However, Google Drive allows you to bypass this rule by allowing you to use shortcuts to make simple word processing. Here are the keyboard shortcuts that I use most often:

Ctrl + A: Select all
Ctrl + C: Copy
Ctrl + X: Cut
Ctrl + Alt + V Paste formatting
Ctrl + K: Insert link
Ctrl + Z: Undo

Note: If you use a Mac, use these shortcuts by replacing the “Ctrl” key for the “Control” (or “Apple”) key, and the key “Alt” in the “Option” key.

2. Use “Drag and Drop

Google Drive lets you import files to the cloud and store them there. You can manually import files and folders, including images and videos. But where it gets interesting is to use the “drag and drop”.
You can drag and drop files directly from your computer to Google Drive. This feature is only available in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.

3. Share files

One of the most useful options Google Drive is file sharing. You can share one or more of your files with others by sending them the link, or using their e-mail address or mailing list.

When you share something with one or more persons, they are notified by e-mail informing them that the next time they connect to Google Drive, they will have access to the item and can extract it.

4. Go to Google Drive from anywhere

Google is very strong in the mobile side. Not only proves it with Android, but he confirms with its iOS apps. At any time, you can access your files on Google Drive. From your computer, your smartphone or tablet, install the application for all your documents near you. Visit the download page to select the device of your choice.

5. Enjoy the interaction between services

Work more efficiently with the products you use every day. For example, in Gmail, you can say goodbye to bulky attachments. Through a link sent via Gmail Google Drive, your recipients automatically have the same version of the file. On Google+, your photos are instantly available when you store in Google Drive.

6. (BONUS) It’s free!

What you ask? You get a space of 5 GB of free storage for your files, e-mails and photos to be accessed from anywhere.

Do you use Google Drive? Do you have any advice to add?

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