5 tips to recover a Google Chrome fast and efficient

Over time, Google Chrome impasting. The problem is, such as a system, hard drive to lose some kilos bytes of memory! However, taking 5-10 minutes, you can melt the excess fat. Proof, you will discover in this article are 5 tips to recover a fast and efficient Google Chromegoogle-chrome-rapide-performant

1. Disable or remove unused extensions

With its Chrome Web Store, Google offers extensions for all tastes! News, weather, entertainment, productivity, and so on, there is an extension for (almost) everything. The problem is that force install, you row more Google Chrome. Start to sort by disabling or removing unused extensions. To do this, you can right-click on the extension icon (top right in the menu bar) and select “Remove from Chrome”

Or via the “Tools” then “Extensions” menu and uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox:

2. Eliminate unnecessary applications

As extensions, Chrome also offers applications. This allows you to have quick access to sites via small icons. You can access the list of applications just by opening a new tab. When this is done, right click on the application to remove and select “Delete Google Chrome”

3. Clear browsing data

By default, Google Chrome collects a lot of data from Web sites you visit. Browsing history and downloads, cookies, cache, passwords, this is a real safe! Of course, all these data takes a lot of space and make you slow down your favorite Internet browser. To delete all the little junk, go to “Tools”. Thereafter, use the dialog “Clear browsing data” to delete all your data or just some of them, recorded during a specific period.

4. Remove unwanted plugins

Did you know that Google Chrome automatically installs plugins to display certain types of content? This can be Flash, Java, Silverlight or other. To see which plugins are installed type “about: plugins” in the navigation bar. Then click “Disable” to remove unwanted plugins:

5. Restart Google Chrome

This tip may seem benign, yet. I’m sure you’re like me and you open tabs in spades! Take a few seconds to restart your browser. A small “Quit Google Chrome” it will do the most good!

Make a test: check your task manager and post the number of memory that Chrome takes with all tabs. It can easily reach 2GB of RAM!

Do you have any tips for finding a Google Chrome fast and efficient?

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