5 tips for (slightly) get more comments on your blog

A blog without comments is like a cheese without a good wine (or a starless night for poets) is bland! Over time, I realize that it is increasingly hard to get people who comment. Of course there are reasons for this: social networks or days “overbooked” as excuses to leave the impression of having a blog stalled. However, if you look closely, there are some solutions for your readers to react. Today I will share with you 5 tips for (slightly) get more comments on your blog


1. A powerful article title

Over the title of your article is shocking, the better your reactions. Readers agree or not, they are likely to occur.
Try to create a “buzz” to encourage them to comment!

2. Comment first!

Here is a tip that I try to put in place for a few days (when I have time). I plan my articles every day at 11:45. Based on this observation, I know for the time that I must comment on my articles. I post a quick comment history to start the discussion.
I have not yet big return, but we must try new things!

3. Reply to comment

This takes a lot of time. I know because I try to stick to it. But it is mandatory to carry out your business. Reply to your readers is a sign of respect. Do not leave alone in an article!

4. Use “CommentLuv” or “DoFollow”

Do we have to face facts, some readers commented mainly to nab a link to their blog. If you offer the plugin “CommentLuv” or “DoFollow”, then it’s the ultimate!
I do not criticize this way of acting. I think this is the least thing for someone who takes the time to comment.

5. Ask / challenge the reader

I like to finish my articles asking your opinion or the tools you use. I do not know if it prompts you to comment, but I tend to say yes.
Most of the time, I’ll rephrase the title of my article and turn it into question. You’ll see what happens just below …

Have you set up tricks (that work) for more comments on your blog?

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