5 tips to start your beauty blogging in 2014

The year 2013 has just ended a few days ago and it is time to look behind you. Successes, failures, organization, objectives, what are your plans for 2014? To guide you, here are 5 tips to start your 2014 beauty bloggingconseils-blogging-2014

1. Analyze your successes and failures

A blog is not all pink. Although most of the time you have success, it also arrives having its shots slack. How your blog has performed in 2013? What were your victories? Your failures? Take the time to analyze it all to start afresh in 2014.

2. Organize your documents and office

The success of a blog mainly involves organization. RSS feeds, social networks, documents, office must be organized. And as we are early in the year, it’s time to make a great cleaning! Take all that no longer serves you nothing and keep the basics for working comfortably.

3. Thank people that have come to the aid

A blog can not triumph without the help of a good environment. Whether bloggers, or other close friends, consider taking a few minutes to thank them. Remember that without them, your blog is not much! You can make links to blogs friends, send an email thank you, or why not, save gifts to your loyal readers!

4. Take a few days off

Take time to breathe and enjoy your surroundings. It is not because you let go of your blog a week or two everything will collapse! Around the Web takes some time her young days off. Nothing is collapsing around me either!

5. Visualize yourself throughout the year

2014 is right there. What are you doing this New Year? Do you have any projects to achieve? Have you set goals? As for point 2, get organized. Plan projects and deadlines. Creation of a training or a digital book, opening a new blog, etc.. Think now!

(BONUS)! 6. Blogging Happy New Year to all

I hope these few tips will help you to approach 2014 in the right way. It’s not easy to maintain a blog. It takes practice and seriously. So to all: Happy New Year 2014 blogging!

What advice can you give to start a beauty blogging in 2014?

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