5 tips for writing a perfect content on your blog

As a blogger, your readers will not give you a choice: you must write impeccable content on your blog. Easy to say but not so easy to do!

And yet, if you write crap (and here I remain polite), you get nothing in return. Comments, visitors, respect, you will attract anything like that. However, you do not need to be an expert to become a successful blogger. Each of you can write high quality content. The proof with these 5 simple tips to implement …


1. Be creative!

Creativity is something that every blogger should have in his “kit skills.” You can not turn around and write the same content all the time. Your readers would stop reading and you would cancel their subscription to your RSS feeds. Try to write original content.

2. Keep it simple!

Your readers are people like you and me. They have their lives and are on your blog to relax. Remember that your goal as a blogger is to write content easily “scanable.” I mean by the word effective structuring your articles with headings and sub-headings (h2 and h3 tags for connoisseurs). Write short paragraphs and create catchy titles. Remember that your readers do not stay for hours on your blog but only a few seconds!

3. Do your research!

If you do not have enough knowledge about a certain topic, do not panic! I suggest you do some research first before writing anything in your articles. Your content will be even better.

4. Be yourself!

Do not attempt to impersonate the one you’re not. Your writing will suffer and your credibility will be close to nil!
You all know the saying “hunt the natural, it is galloping.” Your readers do not require you to impersonate a writer, they just want to read fresh content. Blogs are perfect for this kind of thing.

5. Use your potential!

Relax and let yourself go. Make the space around you. Every person, every blogger, every human being is different, but everyone hides untapped potential within him. Know the highlight at the time of writing.

What do you think? What are your tips for writing good content?

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