5 tools to manage a perfectly Twitter profile

Twitter is a great social network. It offers an online service with constant news flow. However, it lacks many options to the original service. Alerts, analysis, cleaning, many extras that would not be too much! To fill these gaps, here are 5 tools to manage perfectly a Twitter profile


1. Twilert: alerts by keyword

Twilert is a simple tool that offers an email alert service. After setting your keywords (hashtag), you receive an email at the time you specified. You can set daily alerts, weekly or monthly. Twilert is a service similar to Google Alerts but for Twitter.

2. TweetReach: analysis of your impact on Twitter

Twitter offers no analytical option. When you send a tweet, you never know how many people you reach. However, there are some online tools that allow you to precisely analyze the impact you have with your subscribers. TweetReach offers to simply enter a URL in the search box, a Twitter profile, or a hashtag and examine the results.

3. ManageFlitter: Cleaning your Twitter account

A little bit of good cleaning to your Twitter profile you will a greater good! And to do this, test ManageFlitter. It cleans your account with many options available: no Follow back, no profile image, inactive, too loud, too quiet, etc..

4. Tweriod: the best times for your tweets

It is important to watch your subscribers on how they use Twitter. In order to have maximum impact, you need to know the connection times of your subscribers. Tweriod is a free online service that analyzes your account and those of your customers. After a few moments, you find the hours and days that you have to send your tweets!

5. FollowerWonk: thorough analysis of your community

After a quick connection to your Twitter account, you can discover all FollowerWonk statistics about your community: distribution, activity level, age of the accounts, the most active hours, etc..

What tool do you use to manage your Twitter profile?

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