5 ways to deal with negative comments on a blog

A negative comment can quickly escalate a blog. Your readers, or even you’re probably not prepared for this kind of event. A heated debate is a step that every blogger knows sooner or later. The key is to know how to manage. Here are 5 ways to deal with negative comments on a blog ..commentaire-negatifs-blog

Solution 1: ignore the negative comments !

This is sometimes the best solution. I tend to say that silence punish the insolence. This phrase makes sense in these times . The discussion remains at the same point and no swells conflict. However, if you get too much, it will certainly see other solutions. In fact, having too many negative comments on a blog can quickly lead to his downfall.

Solution 2: Remove the negative comments !

This is certainly the easiest solution. You throw all the negative comments in the trash. No brainer . No discomfort on the blog. Everything is perfect ! Some people are just on your blog to make you fart a cable. Or not pay attention.

Solution 3: remove negative comments and mail!

Just like the previous solution, this is to remove the negative comments. One difference is that you locate the email of the person you contact . Is to explain your point of view or to explain life!

Solution 4 : responding to negative comments !

No doubt you prefer to respond to negative comments. This is normal, this is your blog and you come to bother you. Can not let you walk on the mouth!
However, it is advisable not to respond in anger . Allow a few minutes or hours before clicking the “reply” button. Try not to poison the discussion and try to be as professional as he is. Remember that other readers come by .

Solution 5 : Remove the comments!

This is unfortunately what happens more . Many bloggers do not want to bother with negative comments and completely close the discussion. However, I do not think this is the best solution. A blog is a lively place and the comments are part of a blog.

Solution 6 (BONUS ) : farting the mouth of the person !

Ok , it’s a bit like radical solution. But it can do so much good! A nice little slap in the face never hurt anyone … so ?

Have you ever had negative comments on your blog? How have you handled ?

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