5 Ways to take a break from blogging (without losing your readers)

The blogger is a bit special profession. Sitting behind the screen, it takes a real pleasure to share their daily life. News, reviews, test, tutorial or other, They love their readers more than anything. In fact, you are even as a kind of second family for him. No way you give during the holidays. Can not let a single day pass without publishing an article. All this until the tantrum … and bam! At this point, a question comes to him incessantly, then I stop breathing for a few days?

You’re like his boss for him. He dares not ask you to vacation for fear of being abandoned! That’s when he found out he reads Jakuri and relieved “5 Ways to take a break from blogging (without losing your readers)” …


1. Be honest with your readers

You want to breathe? You want to see your family and friends? So much the better! Exit to the air. And if you need several days to be returned to the attack, take them. By cons, tell your readers about your absence. Write them a great article in which you announce them your next departure. Simply report the return date.
A faithful reader will understand without any problems.

2. Have a good supply of items aside

For my part, I try to have a constant supply of items aside. Particularly hard blows, fatigue, or just for the holidays. Organize your time to write two articles instead of one.

3. Offer something to your readers

Why not take the opportunity to give a gift to your readers before you go on vacation? Start a contest just before you go and tell them that the results will be announced upon your return. On the Internet, it is now possible to partner with any website (or almost).
If this does not suit you, you can promise them a beautiful article – as you plan and publish during your vacation. It costs nothing and it can pay big dividends!
At the same time, do a little “teaser” on Twitter and Facebook just to make your readers drool.

4. Accept the “Guest Blogging”

Before the summer vacation this year, I made the full guest articles. I told their editors of the publication during my vacation. So I have 3 weeks from this year with still a blog running.
Consider creating a category like “Guest Blogging”. Offer your readers to participate and keep the articles out.

5. Use social networks

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest lets you stay connected with your loyal readers. Even if it’s your vacation, swing a photo, tweet or anything that proves you’re not dead!

Did you try to take a break from blogging? If so, have you had a loss of readers?

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