5 ways to use online storage services

Online storage is a term that often comes on Jakuri’s blog. You have seen recently with my comparative table of the main storage services online, there are various services. Although this picture is far from reality (there are dozens and dozens of storage space on the Internet), it covers the main market players. But some of you might wonder what can such a tool service. Here are 5 ways to use online storage servicesstocker-partager-fichiers

1. Save pics from smartphone (iPhone, Galaxy S …)

Photos are sacred documents. Friends, family, children, everything is good to take pictures with our smartphones today. Yet these beautiful pictures are not safe. Indeed, you are not safe from theft, breakage, or crash the phone. In these cases, it is better to put everything away. I explained to my blog Apple how to backup (backup) of its iPhone pictures. Applications are also available on Android. Have a look.

2. Synchronize the music

To store their music in the cloud was not available there a few years back. Now you can send all your albums to find them anywhere: on a trip on the subway, at work, etc.. Storage services online even provides embedded players. Enjoy it!

3. Backup your files and documents

Over the years, we accumulate all a huge amount of information on our computers. If these are important projects, it is always good to have a copy on your computer, removable media (USB type key or external hard drive) and in the cloud. Use the cloud to backup your files is a good practice. Some services can even encrypt your data.

4. Work collaboratively

The organization of collaborative work offers a multitude of benefits. We can include reduced costs, saving time, increasing productivity, improving the autonomy of teams, etc.. For my part, it is Google Docs that I operate. This free tool is certainly one of the best online office suites.

5. Share download files

Legal downloading … I specify! In fact, you can use an online storage service for sharing photos, videos, music, or documents. These files will be public and will be generally accessible by all people with the link. Be careful though not to get into a vicious circle!

And you, what do you use the services of online storage?

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