5 Web Services to enjoy Instagram

Instragram is one whose popularity was increased exponentially since the acquisition by Facebook mobile application. Today it is not uncommon to find family and friends connected to this wonderful social network. Now, if you want to go further with your account, here are 5 Web services to enjoy Instagram.


1. Instaport

Instaport has only one feature, but oh so important: export all your photos on your hard drive. As odd as it may seem, Instagram is still not offer this option! Instaport allows you to export all your Instagram pictures into a zip file. Simply connect the application to your account.


2. Statigr.am

Statigr.am specializes in the statistics of your Instagram account. It provides a comprehensive dashboard where you can find analyzes: number of photos published, the date of your first photo sent, who you “like” the most, etc..


3 . Instadash

One of the great advantages of Intagram is its interface. Clean and tidy , it is easily distinguished from the competition. However, some designers have gone imagine the meeting between Instagram and Pinterest ! Otherwise, Instadash can also connect to your Dropbox account to save each photo added to your Instagram account.


4 . Instacanvas

Instacanvas is a marketplace for users to buy or sell Instagram photos . Even if you find it strange , huge demand by the creators of the site. Over 30,000 galleries are available.


5. Pictacular

As Instadash Web service Pictacular is a mix between Instagram and Pinterest. Through a beautiful interface, you can quickly find and view your photos. Thereafter, Pictacular can share on Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest in one click ! Conclude with the fact that the site offers a great free app on iPad.


Do you use a similar Web service for Instagram?

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