50 GREATEST sites which (maybe) you do not know its existence

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The Web is vast. So vast that it would take decades to make the turn. But instead of wasting your time surfing the web, I decided to pull out my Magical Box: a list of GREATEST sites you probably do not know. Warning, this is heavy! Remember to keep the ones you like to your favorites (and I think there will have one packet) …sites-incontournables

  1. 360gigapixels: to see photos of 360 gigapixel!
  2. 5 euros: vendors offer services to 5 € all inclusive. Anyone can become a seller very easily as a member of the website and offer its own services.
  3. Breathe: Take a few seconds to inhale and exhale!
  4. Camelcamelcamel: monitoring tool that provides Amazon price drop alerts and price history charts price.
  5. Cloudconvert: convert all formats online.
  6. Deadmansswitch: to send an email to the contacts you want after your death!
  7. DeGraeve: create color palettes from an image. Simply paste the URL of a photo and everything is automatically generated.
  8. Doihaveadeadpixel: to find a dead pixel on your computer screen.
  9. Downfall.jfedor: to make your own subtitling of the most famous video on Hitler.
  10. Downforeveryoneorjustme: check if a website is down for everyone or just for you.
  11. European word translator: translate an English word in most European languages.
  12. Every Second on the Internet: what’s happening on the Internet in one second?
  13. Eyesight Simulator: simulator ophthalmology.
  14. Factslides: some interesting facts that will enhance your culture.
  15. Fatoclock: learn something every minute.
  16. Flappy Generator: create your own Flappy Bird.
  17. Flightradar24: the real-time traffic airspace.
  18. Garmoshka: to play the accordion by resizing your browser!
  19. Gifff: Animated gifs to make YouTube videos.
  20. Gifprint: to turn a Gif in flipbook (flip).
  21. GoProHeroes: the best videos taken with a GoPro camera.
  22. HTML Mails: to send anonymous emails to anyone.
  23. iDaft: for keyboard Daft Punk on your computer!
  24. Ifttt: If this, Then That. Clearly, different services ifttt connects them. When something happens to one, it goes into another with his colleague.
  25. Incompetech: huge collection of royalty free music for your projects.
  26. Incredibox: become the conductor of your own group of beat box.
  27. Least Helpful : to find the most criticized products on Amazon.
  28. LibriVox: free audiobooks.
  29. Maps.stamen: turn any card in a watercolor painting.
  30. My 90’s TV: Welcome to the 90s!
  31. Nature Sounds: listen to the sounds of nature during your work time or rest.
  32. Nesbox: to play NES online.
  33. OldVersion: provides download links to older versions of programs, drivers and games.
  34. Online-convert: convert a file from one format to another, online.
  35. Partycloud: to mix more than 20 million songs.
  36. Poolside: 80 are not dead!
  37. Random Street View: to fall randomly on Google Street View. Opportunity to country.
  38. Rainy Mood: listen to the rain and thunderstorms rumble.
  39. Screenr: to create screencasts (video recording of your screen).
  40. Stereomood: find music depending on his mood.
  41. Stolencamerafinder: use the serial number stored in your photo to search the web more photos taken with the same camera for.
  42. Stupeflix: create impressive videos in seconds.
  43. Sxc: to download photos free of copyright.
  44. The Internet map: a map of the Internet.
  45. The Scale of the Universe: the Universe as you’ve never seen!
  46. Theremin: an easy synthesizer.
  47. Wallbase: one of the best sources of wallpapers.
  48. Whathappenedinmybirthyear: what happened on your birthday?
  49. WhatTheFont: easily find the font used in a text.
  50. YouTube mp3: to convert videos to mp3.

Do you have some essential sites to add? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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