6 minimalist site to share files quickly (photos, videos, etc..)

To share a file quickly with your friends or family, this sometimes shows a little too tight. While there are many solutions for sharing on the Web, not all equal. Too many pubs, entries that never end, unpleasant interfaces, in short, must sort. That’s what I did with these 6 minimalist sites to share files quicklypartager

1. Minus

Minus is my protege! Discovered in November 2010 and then back in January 2011, Minus really something to please. Minimalist, fast and easy to use, three characteristics that allow it to win against its competitors. Pity that the storage is limited to 50 MB, without this limitation, Minus become a pure gem.

2. GoPileus

Featured on Around the Web in May goPileus caught my attention thanks to its ease of use, thanks to its drag and drop. Free and without registration, goPileus offers 50 MB storage and 30 minutes.

3. Fyels

Fyels landed in this battle of file sharing with an argument of size: 9 GB of storage! The site offers also drag and drop a shortened URL you used to share with your friends.

4. Dropdo

Dropdo is a little different from the other 4. Indeed, this site allows to mediate with your contacts. In fact, you send a file (photo, video, document, music, etc..) Dropdo gives you a shortened URL to share and will drive. Everything goes directly to the site. An option to download the file is also present in the top right.


Latest discovery, this service offers to share files without registration. You can download as many files as you want and Boxify you provide a URL that you can customize.

6. Just Beam it

And you, what site do you use to share files?

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