6 tips for Successful Living

Do some stretching.

Earlier today, getting out of bed. Do some stretching for two to five minutes to help your balance for an enjoyable life. During stretching, feel your body recharges energy and you think back to all the goals you set for an enjoyable life.

Breathe deeply.

During this exercise daily early morning, breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale only through your nose and feel the airflow through your lungs and trachea with each inhalation and exhalation. Imagine that you breathe pure energy to cleanse your body. At the end, imagine all the bad stress leaving your body gradually until it disappears, and you feel calm and relaxed for an enjoyable life.


Smile as often as possible to succeed in your life.
The physiological benefits of smiles and it produces chemical reactions are well known. Many studies have been published to subject. When you smile substances (endorphins) are secreted by different glands and are transmitted into your body through the blood and brings to each organ regenerative energy extremely beneficial for a successful life. Share your smile, whatever the attitude of those around you. The result you will enjoy a reward that no words can describe your life to succeed.

Do you small pleasures.

During the day, when you cross an intermediate step towards achieving your goal to succeed in your life and make you a little gift, however modest, but important to you. This may be:
– Watch a movie.
– Read a novel.
– Make shopping.
– Listening to music.
– Make a cake just for you.

Visualize your goal.

Have a clear vision of your goal to succeed in your life. To do this, put yourself in a quiet, lie down and close your eyes. Practice deep breathing and then view your goal to succeed in your life. Create and imagine your ideal life, feel emotions, colors and smells of your ideal future. This will help you relax and think positively you for an enjoyable life.

Relive moments of happiness.

Relax and relive with the greatest possible intensity moments of your life or you had managed to reach a goal to succeed in your life.

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  1. made gelgel says:

    yeah i need listening music for enjoying the job, listen to SKA!

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