6 WordPress Plugins For Facebook

wordpress plugins for facebook
I recently posed the question as to open a Facebook page for Around the Web. I started my research and I realized that many plugins exist to facilitate the integration of a WordPress blog to this immense social platform. I’ve obviously noted on my little secret notebook and you’ve made a list. Here are 6 WordPress plugins to enhance the presence of your blog on Facebook …

  1. Share on Facebook: a simple plugin for WordPress that allows users to share content of your blog to their friends through Facebook. Easy to install and configure.
  2. WP-FacebookConnect: adds functionality to WordPress using the API Facebook Connect (identification and avatar of your Facebook profile …).
  3. Facebook Connect: enables direct integration of Facebook into your WordPress blog using Facebook Connect (log on with your Facebook account, send comments, invite friends …)
  4. Simple Facebook Connect: Same as above but simpler and more secure.
  5. Facebook Comments: important comments received on Facebook directly into WordPress.
  6. Publish to Facebook: automatically publish your articles on WordPress on Facebook.

Well, I just have to make a choice …
And you, what plugin do you use Facebook? Feel free to share your opinions via the comments!

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