63% of companies have multiple accounts on Twitter

Dell, the American multinational IT company, has 44 different accounts on Twitter! You find it shocking? Not me! Indeed, a study by Brandwatch shows that 63% of companies have multiple accounts on Twitter …

The micro-blogging service like businesses and brands. That does not mean they use different identities on Twitter. They simply prefer to segment their content. Instead of using a corporate account for the presentation of everything that is happening in the society, many companies spend social accounts to specific ads and customer relations.
Looking at this study, we realize that two years ago, only 7% of companies had several active accounts on Twitter. Things change!

Note that Brandwatch is a company specializing in social media monitoring. She conducted the study in 2013 with 253 brands in the United States and the United Kingdom.

And you, do you have several Twitter accounts?

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