65 free online services to store and share files

Storage and file sharing on the Internet has an important place in Jakuri’s Blog. Must say that with a blog name like this, I always have to talk about it! There are dozens (hundreds?) Online service. I regularly turn deals with various articles. Today I decided to compile everything and give you (on a silver platter) 65 free online services to store and share filesstocker-partager-fichiers

  1. 10 sites to store and share files online: documents, videos, photos, you can share everything with these 10 sites.
  2. 10 tools to send large files to your friends: Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and other email providers do not allow users to send large files via email. Use these 10 tools!
  3. 10 free to send files without registering sites: want to share a file quickly without having to go through a registration? Use this link.
  4. 7 free photo storage online services: Have you ever lost photos? A hard disk crash. A virus. An error on your part. Think back online!
  5. 7 free PDF to store files online sites: “Portable Document Format” has the specificity to preserve the formatting of a file: fonts writings, images, graphic objects, etc.. If you are looking for a place to have them directly on the Internet, here are 7 free sites.
  6. 6 minimalist site to share files rapidly : to quickly share a file with your friends or your family, discover 6 minimalist websites.
  7. 5 free to create and share audio recording online services: registration, hosting, and sharing audio tracks are available in these 5 free services.
  8. 5 sites to send files (unlimited size): tired of having a type error: “This file exceeds the 25MB limit for attachments. Sorry. “Go through these 5 sites.
  9. 5 sites to send large files over the Internet: in order to have a good reservoir storage in the cloud, here are 5 sites to send large files over the Internet.

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