7 free online photo storage services

Have you ever lost photos? A hard disk crash. A virus. An error on your part. Me it has happened to me. And I can assure you that losing pictures of her children, it hurts! After this error, I immediately saved my photos on the Internet. The service that I trusted for years: Joomeo. You will discover below, as well as 6 other free storage online photo services …


1 . Flickr

Despite some passages empty , Flickr remains the reference in the online photo storage . Especially since Marissa Mayer , CEO of Yahoo!, has launched free offers 1TB Application iPhone and Android are available to send photos taken with your smartphone.flickr

2 . Joomeo

An excellent website photo storage online , in addition, offers the possibility to share creatively in the form of original slide . Joomeo is a free site that offers good storage space, plus a multitude of fun and practical features such as the ability to order prints of your photos in the format of your choice from their photo lab . Joomeo is the web service that I use for more than 4 years for my photos .joomeo-500x375

3 . Stream Nation

Stream Nation hides behind the co- founder of the famous music platform Deezer (Jonathan Benassaya ) . Stream Nation is a unified storage solution for all your digital media. So your photos, videos and movies are safe and accessible for all your screens. Stream Nation offers free storage of 10 GB It is very easy and quick access .streamnation-500x375

4 . Thislife

In its free version, Thislife proposes to store up to 1 000 photos . With one click, you import your photos from your favorite social networks , smartphones, iPad, Kindle, and computers (Mac or PC). Little more Thislife is that you can create photo books, cards, gifts , etc. .thislife

5 . Picturelife

Picturelife is an online service that offers 1700 photos and 5GB of free storage. It offers clients for Windows , Mac OS X and mobile devices. It lets you share photos or videos through social networks Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr , Instagram , Flickr …picturelife

6 . MyShoebox

MyShoebox offers unlimited space to store your photos online! Be careful though , this free version resizes your photos so they are more than 1024 pixels. Windows , Mac, iPhone , iPad and Android applications are available.myshoebox

7 . Pumpic

Unlimited space is trendy on the Internet! The service outlined above and Pumpic also proposed . But instead of limiting the size, Pumpic only ask for a single format : JPG . Once sent your photos , you can share them with your contacts. You can access your photos anywhere with the Windows , Mac, iOS and Android applications.pumpic

What storage service online photo do you use?

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