7 free websites to store PDF files online

PDF is a standard format on the Internet. The “Portable Document Format” has the specificity to preserve the formatting of a file: fonts writings, images, graphic objects, etc.. If you are looking for a place to have them directly on the Internet, here are 7 free sites to store PDF files online


1 . Google Drive

Google Drive is my most faithful friend since I turn on the internet! This online office suite offers 15 GB of storage. It allows you to read and edit a PDF file easily. Zoom , print, display the number of pages , or share the file with friends are options available in Google Drive.google-drive-partage

2 . Dropbox

In its free version , Dropbox offers 2GB of storage . You can push the volume much higher by referring friends (personally , I have about 20 GB). In addition to storing your PDF files , it also allows to visualize and organize . Dropbox is a platform renowned online storage . You can trust him with your eyes closed !applications-perfectionner-dropbox

3 . Ge.tt

Presented many times on Jakuri ‘s blog , Ge.tt is a small site very useful. It has a simple user interface. The storage space of 2 GB is available after a short registration . Ge.tt tells you the page number , allows you to zoom in or out , to print , and adjusts the document to the width of your screen.gett

4 . MediaFire

MediaFire is a great site to store your PDF documents. It offers 10GB of free storage and allows you to share your content with others. MediaFire incorporates a PDF allowing it to zoom in on a file up to 200% player. In addition, three play modes are available and quick access to pages.mediafire

5 . Scribd

Scribd is the largest digital library in the world , where readers can find books and literature of all kinds. Launched in March 2007 , more than 40 million books and documents on Scribd . The site offers unlimited storage limit of 100 MB per file. You can add notes, view a document, zoom , display the total number of pages, etc. .scribd

6 . Abobe Workspace

Enjoy 5 GB of online file storage and access your important documents whether you are at work, home or traveling. Adobe allows you to zoom up to 400% , offers three different views, and easy file sharing .adobe-acrobat

7 . PDFstash

PdfStash is another option to store a PDF online. Only limitation to this tool: 20 PDF documents stored with a free account. In addition, there are no options available for sharing documents. If you are looking to create a personal library PdfStash is a good solution.pdfstash

What websites do you use to store PDF files online ?

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