7 signs that prove you’re not a good blogger

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Why do I feel like I’m getting hit on the head with this article title? As I already see some come with their large hooves, I prefer to make things clear from the start: No, I’m not one to say that you’re a bad blogger. No, I do not consider myself a good blogger! Now you can check out these 7 signs that prove you’re not a good blogger


1. You do not publish daily

Your main job as a blogger is publishing content! Remember that your audience is following you and they like to read you. I can understand how hard it is to publish daily. I admit that sometimes I find it hard to keep up with Around the Web and YouPomme. Still, it’s a challenge every day! You start this goal in 2013.

2. You do not manage your time properly

Time management is an important phase for a blogger. Personally, I have two toddlers ages to take care, to cherish a small woman, a dog walk (my faithful companion Vegas) and a job that takes me time. To effectively manage my time, I put up a small system list that suits me perfectly. Remember The Milk (for personal tasks) and Omnifocus (for my business blogger).

3. You are not active on social networks

Social networks can quickly become a huge source of traffic. Even if an adjustment period is necessary, it is well worth the effort compared to the benefits. Learn how to highlight your content on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook.

4. You weave no link between bloggers

I confess that around the web would not have become what it is today without his time small community of friends. I often communicate by email, Google Talk, SMS or by phone with French bloggers. You’ll often find in my category Blog’X Office icon wink 7 signs that prove you’re not a good blogger.

5. You do not know what the “SEO”

The what? Yes, the SEO! Or search engine optimization. Your content should be read by as many people. So spend some time to shape and optimize your articles. Remember that the one who wears the pants is called Google. He is the man to beat in your riflescope!

6. You have no plan for the future

Does not go for it headlong into the blogging. Keeping a blog is something that must be taken seriously. It should be structured and have a plan for the future. I mean:

  •      A publication schedule
  •      New keywords deal
  •      Blogs where you want to do Guest Blogging
  •      A list of products (training, ebook, etc..) You want to create
  •      Products you want to promote as an affiliate
  •      A general goal in a year
  •      Etc..

7. You just read this article in full!

Ok, it was easy one. Nevertheless, if you were good, you would have closed the page before the end! Ouch! By the head friends! *runaway*

And for you, what is the definition of a good blogger?

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