7 tricks to attract 100,000 visitors per month on a blog

Here are 7 tricks to attract 100,000 visitors per month on a blog. Enjoy the reading.


1. Simmer for hitting titles

If you are reading this article is that I managed my bet: have you come to my blog.
Most visitors do not have the time. We really need to be sharp early as the first words that will entice people to click. It will also encourage your readers to take a few minutes to read the rest of the article. You can also, why not get a link from another blogger.

2. Become the King of SEO

Optimization for search engines, the basis of all bloggers. Choosing good keywords, optimizing its maximum titles, pictures, URL, you have to learn. If you are a beginner (like I was), you can count quite a few months before becoming a master in the field.

3. Use the “internal netlinking”

The netlinking may be defined as the art of creating links. Place links to your blog on specific keywords. This will effectively make your visitors stay on your blog.

4. Host your blog on your own domain

I still do not understand people who do not dare to take this course. Do you think that hosting + domain name is expensive? In my case, I disburses $10 per month! With pubs, I reimburse handily.

5. Tame Google Analytics

How do your visitors arrive on your site? For what keywords? How long do they stay? What items attract more traffic?
You need to spend time on Google Analytics because do not forget one thing: Google Analytics knows more about your blog you!

6. Do not be stingy, offer links

I never repeat them enough but do not expect to get links if you never doing! Feel free to create a new class discovery blogs and cite your readings. Bloggers are generally not all cons (I’m not saying all) and are generally open to this kind of process.

7. Check out my 10 tips to do after installing WordPress

I found out that good old article that is always on the agenda. With me, it’s how I process, you now know the result …

What would you to attract traffic? What are the tips that you put in place?

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