7 tricks to unleash your passion for blogging

A little personal development through a touch of blogging does not hurt. With four years to count my personal blog, I learned a lot. I’ve made mistakes, and I got up. I did some things not very religious, but I cared. However, one thing has never left me, my passion! In fact, if you’re a regular reader of this blog (which I invite you to do before I’ll cut your head), you know that I like to share my discoveries. One of the first things on my mind when I woke up (apart from the desire to go to the bathroom!) Is planning an article. It’s stupid, but it’s like that. Story to share this experience with you, I found good to reveal seven tips to unleash your passion for blogging


1. Determine its objectives

Where are you going? Which path will you take to achieve your goals? Prepare yourself dice opening your blog. Be specific in your efforts and do not wander randomly. Clearly: Determine your goals!

2. Maintain a positive attitude

I blog all the time with the potato! There is no point moping with the problems of life, your readers do not care. They are just on your blog to forget all the little hassles of everyday life. Keep a positive attitude and you will get results without fail. One slogan optimism.

3. Leave aside its problems

This third point joined the previous. But we must understand that leaving your problems aside, you will greatly increase your productivity. And as a blogger, not a luxury. When you are in front of your screen, do a little formatting and indulge your passion (your problems, not your computer!): Blogging.

4. Sharpening skills

To be passionate in blogging, we must first have enough knowledge. Improve your skills in your weaker areas. Take the time to educate you on the issues you are addressing. Lectures, courses, there is a choice on the Internet.

5. motivated

How to stay passionate in an area if the motivation is not there? Motivate yourself. Tell you that the success of a blog does not play much. Motivation is the best option to start, continue and achieve your ultimate goal.
Note that an article appeared on Jakuri talked about the 20 tips for staying motivated in blogging.

6. The challenges

Every day made ​​new obstacles. Roll long sleeves and confront them. Personally, I’m used to attack directly in the heart of the matter. For example, if I know I have more articles to write at night, I must start with the most complicated. I think that once it is done, the rest are nothing but “cat pee”!

7. Rewarding work

Such a small dog related the ball to his master for a treat, we also need a reward. After a long writing session, it is advisable to take a break and indulge in pleasures. Consultation mails, Twitter break, watching a movie or series (this is my reward it!), You find a small reward that you Welcomes the work.

8. (BONUS) Read and subscribe this blog!

Jakuri.com is cool! It’s your little little vanilla ice cream sprinkle of roasted peanuts. Take the time to read my blog. I also invite you to take a walk on the side of Best Of huge source to read the source blogging.

What did you put in place to unleash your passion for blogging? Feel free to leave a little comment to share your experience

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