7 websites to listen to free streaming music

There was a time where we store tens and tens of gigabytes of music on our hard drives. But that time is long gone! Today, everything happens online. Need to download music illegally on you freely available on the internet! To help you make your choice, here are 7 websites to listen to free streaming music …

musique-gratuite-streaming1 . Grooveshark

Grooveshark is the tool I use for some years now . The catalog is huge and it allows you to listen to free streaming music . Thereafter, you can share your playlists on social networks or integrate them into a blog. The site interface is nice although it takes a few minutes to get used to .

2 . Ex.fm

Already featured on Around the Web Ex.fm presents itself as a social platform for discovering music. Order songs by current trends , music search by category, mobile applications and extensions for browsers are some of the options.

3 . Stereomood

Stereomood a particular style to make you discover free music streaming. Indeed , the site allows you to create playlists by him informing your mood of the moment: dinner with friends , a sexy moment, a gentle awakening , a moment of peace , in short, a service to snoop discover its freshness.

4 . bop

bop.fm is a search engine for music. With this free online service , you can find and listen to your favorite music streaming . bop.fm sits on Spotify, Rdio , YouTube, SoundCloud . It also allows you to share songs with your friends.

5 . 8tracks

8tracks is an online minimalist . It offers search playlists ( from over 1 million available) through keywords. You can also send your own music and a pocket to feed your playlist. Thereafter, sharing links and integration are proposed.

6 . Shuffler

Shuffler is an online radio powered by the main sources of the Web. You can browse by genre, popularity or blogs. If you register , you can add your music to your permanent flux sources. Shuffler offers applications for iPhone and iPad, and integration of Spotify and Deezer .

7 . filtermusic

FilterMusic proclaimed himself as the site that brings together all the online radio stations worldwide. FilterMusic is very reactive since hardly station is selected as the music is on!

Note that I have not mentioned Deezer and Spotify. It is known that I did not need to present services …

And you, what sites do you use to listen to free streaming music ?

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