8 Best Practices to propel a Twitter account

Build a solid base of followers on Twitter is not an easy thing. You will necessarily if you start drooling! However, with a little common sense and some good advice, you can get the elite twittosphere. Remember one thing: you must give to receive. Here’s a little infographic that gives you the 8 best practices to propel a Twitter accountmeilleures-pratiques-twitter

To summarize, here are the 8 most important points:

  1.      answer
  2.      reward
  3.      Demonstrate its influence
  4.      Retweet tweets touting your subscribers you
  5.      Choosing the right person who send tweets
  6.      share
  7.      listen to
  8.      question

In your opinion, what are the best practices to propel a Twitter account?

Source: Five9s.

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