8 checkpoints before clicking on the “Publish” button on a WordPress blog

A blog requires a lot of work. If you post daily, so keep an eye on everything. Of course, the routine sets in and you forget the main small checks. Nothing too serious, but errors for which you could intervene before make them. History to restore some things in their place, I found good to remember the 8 checkpoints before clicking on the “Publish” button on a WordPress blog


1. Check the title

The title is the first thing a visitor reads. It is better for him that he has no fault and it is understandable. Also, make sure you have an article title catchy. An attractive way contributes to the good traffic to your blog.

2. Organize Article

If you write one line at your blog post, it is incomprehensible! Instead, put punctuation. Use paragraphs, sub-titles, bold and italics. Organize your article to make it “scannable”.

3. Add minimum Image

You’ve heard it: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This expression takes its full extent in a blog post. Indeed, we have all become lazy worst (yes, even you who read me), so if an image can facilitate our understanding of a product, we are happy to throw it!

4. Categorize Article

If so, the word “categorize” does exist! In any case, before you click the “Publish” button, make sure to have put your article in a category of your blog. If your content appeals to your readers, they will have to click on search. Besides it is much better for your SEO.

5. Optimize an article for search engines

Do we have to face facts, you write to be read! So if you want an item so in the first pages of search engines, it must be optimized. I’m not going to lecture on it, but you have to install extensions like All in One SEO or WordPress SEO. They will greatly facilitate the work.

6. Read article

We do not think about often, but it is best to let an article aside and come back later. Especially if you’re like me and you write all of a block! Spelling mistakes, grammar, comprehension problem, in short, a little rest does not hurt. A final reading before clicking on the “Publish” button and voila!

7. Use the preview

WordPress has a handy feature: “Preview”. It allows you to have taste of what your readers will see.
Personally, I use for each item. I check that everything is in order. Everything is perfectly organized.

8. “Publish”

This is good, you have suffered enough for today, you can now click the “Publish” button! It’s good, right?

And you, what point do you check before you click the “Publish” button?


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