8 crucial steps to implement after installing WordPress

After installing WordPress, you still have a long way to go before reaching the top! Even if all the bloggers will tell you that “WordPress is a great platform,” she wonders, however, a few personal touches.

You installed WordPress and be ready to start? Check these 8 key steps to implement after installing WordPress :

1. Edit Permalink Structure
The permalinks are permanent URLs that are used to reference a blog post.
Login first in the admin section of WordPress and then in the “General” tab, click “Permalinks” and choose “Custom Structure”. Several options are available to you behind the website address:
The date (% year% /%% monthnum /)
The title of the article (% postname%)
Category (% category%)
Personally, I just chose to put the title of the article, thus: /% postname% /

2. Protect your blog from SPAM
If there’s one thing that every blogger hates, it’s SPAM! Fortunately, WordPress has an original extension handy Akismet. If you have not already, will soon enable it. You will need a key and a free account.

3. Create a “Contact
It is often that I get requests on my blogs. Upon opening, I install a contact page on which I do not come back. I use to do this the extension “Contact Form 7“. It is simple to configure.

4. Install a SEO plugin
The advantage of WordPress compared to other CMS is that it is optimized for the original search engines. However, it is preferable to add extensions like All In One SEO or Platinum SEO Pack. These can help you improve your ranking on Google.

5. Create a Fan Page Facebook / Twitter accounts and link them to your blog
Take the time to do so, social networks you bring a lot of traffic and everything is automatic. Clearly, when you publish an article, all your social networks are alerted.

6. Adding RSS Buttons, Facebook, Twitter, etc..
You will notice on 80% of blogs, social networking buttons at the top of the right column. Stay classic and you also add these buttons. They allow you to create a real community. Social networks are key to a blogger.

7. Install Google Analytics
All about your readers is essential. For what keywords did they get? How long do they stay? Which sites refer to your? Etc..
Google Analytics is a powerful tool that gives much information.

8. Blog!
Let’s go, you can stop reading this article and we start to work band trl!
It is nice to read articles on tips and tricks, but should also think to click the “Publish” button to your blog.

9. (BONUS) Learn to optimize
You can also choose a shortcut: Training my WordPress. This method is a step-by-step to learn WordPress in 5 hours. Create, optimize and make money with a blog has never been easier!

Would you like to add a crucial step to establish after installing WordPress?

Incoming search terms:

  • 8crucialstepstoimplementafterinstallingWordPress

Incoming search terms:

  • 8crucialstepstoimplementafterinstallingWordPress

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    Excellent tips there, I think it’s important to to implement your number 1 Edit Permalink Structure

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