8 free online services to create and edit video

Large video editing software does nothing more (or almost) serve. For most regular users, a simple quick touch is needed. That is why, look on the internet to explore the proposed tools is one of the first things to do. I poked around for you and I found 8 free online services to create and edit a videoediter-creer-video-en-ligne

  1. Photobucket: This service allows you to edit videos or photos. Thereafter, you can share your work on Facebook, Twitter.
  2. Videotoolbox: This site is able to edit a video weighing up to 600 MB Easy to use and accessible to all, you must, at first, subscribe to the service interface and select your video to access to different tools.
  3. YouTube: Google has set up a small video editor that lets you change base. Adding title, music, transitions, photos, etc..
  4. Pixorial: the creation and editing tools are presented in an intuitive user interface. To create a video at Pixorial, you can upload photos and video clips brutes.Vous can insert transitions, add sound and text.
  5. WebVideo: tool for creating collaborative online videos. You can invite other users to create and modify a project. WeVideo saves all of your projects in your Google Drive account.
  6. Wideo: online service that allows you to create an animated video. Wideo accepts drag and drop each element can be reused as many times as you wish. Text, cartoons, or your own images and audio files can be used.
  7. Animoto: send photos or videos from Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr and others. Select a video style, music and a few key words for a beautiful rendering.
  8. Weavly: provides a simple interface with drag and drop. You can mix video and audio from YouTube, Vine, and SoundCloud. But animated GIF from Loopcam, Tumblr, and Imgur.

What free online services do you use to create and edit a video?

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