8 Google Chrome Extensions to perfecting YouTube

YouTube is an excellent video sharing service. Probably the best on the market. I had already done a compilation called 10 extensions to merge YouTube and Google Chrome. If you have not found your life in this article, then maybe you have better luck with this one: 8 Google Chrome Extensions to perfecting YouTube

  1. Chrome YouTube Downloader : adds a “Download” button below the video to download in mp3 or mp4 formats.
  2. Looper for YouTube : automatically repeat the video you are watching. Practice when they are music videos!
  3. Toggle Comments: to hide or display the comments under the YouTube videos. Practice to avoid reading crap!
  4. Turn Off the Lights: darkens the background of your screen to focus on the video.
  5. Picture-In-Picture For YouTube: embeds the video you are watching in a pop-up window. It lets you work on something together.
  6. YouTube Ratings Preview: adds a small bar (in thumbnail mode) to display the “likes” and “I do not like.”
  7. Video History for YouTube: easy to find your videos already watched. Also allows for notifications of channels for which you are subscribed.
  8. Skip commercials on YouTube: adds a new button in YouTube that allows skip commercials and launch the video directly.

And you, what Google Chrome extension did you install to perfecting YouTube?

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