8 reasons that make Google Docs the best ally of bloggers

google-docsSince I started in blogging, I use Google Docs to write and save my articles. Google’s office suite has under the hood and really is appealing any blogger! You want proof? Here are eight reasons that make Google Docs the best ally of bloggers

1. It’s free!
Definitely THE reason that makes it one of the best tools on the market. Google offers many services to its users. Its strong point is the free offer without neglecting quality. Google Docs is (almost) perfect.

2. Accessible from anywhere!
I like to have my documents from any place where I travel. This allows me to continue working with a simple Internet connection. Google Docs is available online with a single account.

3. Automatic recording of your documents
How many times have you lost important documents because of a simple backup or a crash? A crash, an oversight or an unexpected and it was several hours that fly! Personally it has never happened to me. Google will automatically save my documents as and as I write.

4. sharing with easy
Google Docs has a handy feature: sharing. With one click, you send your documents to people you want. Personally, I use it occasionally to send my documents to my little wife. It corrects some my spelling mistakes!

5. Accessible from smartphones
Google has an advantage over many competitors: it offers mobile access to all tools. Google Docs is no exception to the rule. You can create and edit documents from a smartphone connected to the Internet. For my part, I preferred to buy the gDocuments application. It responds better to my expectations.

6. Compatible with many formats
Google Docs includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and is compatible with most formats (. Doc,. Docx,. Xls,. Csv,. Txt, etc..).
Bonus: you can even import files from your computer.

7. The simplified organization
To organize your Google Docs, the service offers folders, colors, a search bar, etc.. Once classified, we’re just one second to find a document!

8. forms
As a blogger, I happened to ask the advice to my readers. Google Docs lets you create forms and insert them easily into a blog. For novices, there is my video tutorial How to create a form with Google Docs and insert it into a blog.

9. (BONUS) Google Docs + Google Drive = LOVE!
Google Docs has recently become Google Drive. Under this new name is hidden just a online storage service. Everything is repatriated in the same space which greatly facilitated the organization!

And you, do you use Google Docs? How do you manage your documents?

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